Parkinson's community invited to get active with new hybrid workouts

People living with Parkinson’s in Wales are being invited to try a new pilot hybrid workout class, called Get Started Local.

We are supporting Welsh physical activity providers, Reach Your Peak, on their new innovative Get Started Local campaign which aims to get the Parkinson's community in Wales active, both online and in-person.

The new hybrid workouts are being delivered as online groups and face-to-face classes at participating leisure centres in Colwyn Bay, and Llanrumney in Cardiff. 

The sessions combine the best of online physical activity workouts with in-person classes, with trained instructors available to support people of all ages and abilities. The sessions will start in early April and run for 10 weeks at the leisure centres in north and south Wales.

The hybrid classes are being supported by our physical activity grant funding and it is hoped that more people living with Parkinson's in Wales will be able to take advantage of the new offer.

Tim Morton, Physical Activity Programme Lead for Parkinson’s UK, said: 

"We're delighted to continue our partnership with the team at Reach Your Peak and we hope that the new Get Started Local sessions will allow more people to get active with Parkinson’s and live well with the condition.

"Being active can be one of the best ways to help you manage your condition when you live with Parkinson’s and we want as many people living in Wales to take advantage of the new offer from Reach Your Peak."

Maria Lewis, Chartered Physiotherapist at Reach Your Peak, said: 

"We are delighted to be able to offer our new Get Started Local project which will help more people living with Parkinson’s to get active across Wales.

"Our specially trained fitness coaches and physios can work with you to help you make the most of the 10-week programme and all our workouts are designed around the needs of the individual. We can also help you to monitor your progress, show you how your active journey is going and give you the tools to enjoy being active with Parkinson’s. 

"We also want more people to be able to access a community of like-minded participants who are active with Parkinson’s and we hope that Get Started Local will help more people living with the condition to feel good both inside and out."

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