Next ‘share the love’ with second exclusive collection in support of Parkinson’s UK

Next has released a new exclusive range in collaboration with internationally-renowned artist Alex Echo, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in early 2020. 

Together, we can tackle misconceptions about Parkinson’s and fund support for the Parkinson’s community. 

On World Parkinson’s Day 2021, we launched a partnership with the major British retailer Next to get Parkinson’s understood and raise vital funds to support people with the condition. People loved the exclusive range of T-shirts and tote bags created by 39-year-old Next designer Genna Douglas, who has Parkinson’s. And one style sold out in 2 weeks!

Now Next is releasing a second exclusive range of homewares and kids’ T-shirts designed by internationally-renowned artist Alex Echo, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in early 2020. 100% of profits from each collaboration are helping fund support for the Parkinson's community.

Alex’s story is all about overcoming adversity through creativity, community, and ultimately by reaching out and ‘sharing the love’. Reaching out for support, and sharing that compassion and kindness with others. When Alex shared his diagnosis with friends and family, they shared their love and compassion in return. 

His bright, vibrant LOVE designs evoke the positivity and interconnectedness of the Parkinson’s community. The arm around your shoulder and the support you can always rely on. 

Alex feels that despite facing adversity, his Parkinson’s has forced him to evolve:

“My Parkinson’s has slowed down my painting career. 5 years ago I used to paint 40 paintings a month, now I’m down to 10. But truthfully, I think my paintings are better now because I take them more seriously. 

“It’s been difficult, but my Parkinson’s has forced me to adapt and evolve. Now I create digital art. I’ve had to give up the majority of my painting but it hasn’t stopped me being creative. I have a predicament, but I don’t have a death sentence. And adapting to the digital realm of art has been a lifesaver.

“I hope the range raises money. I hope it raises awareness. But I also hope that some kid, laying on the sofa with that pillow under their head, feels the softness.” 

Alongside this new product range, Next is also making a corporate donation, providing awareness training for employees and encouraging them to make individual donations and learn more about Parkinson’s.