Linda E sheds light on Parkinson’s for families like hers

Presenter and commercial model Linda E is supporting Parkinson’s UK to raise awareness of the condition.

This news story is about an event that has passed. Tickets are no longer available.

In March 2023, Linda supported our Race Equality in Research event in her hometown of Brixton.

Now, she’s hosting and coordinating her own Spring Soirée fundraising event, raising awareness through an informative evening of entertainment in West London.

When Linda Egwuekwe’s dad Stanley was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2012, she felt alone because she didn’t know how widespread the condition was in the Black community. She felt she couldn’t speak about it outside of her family, who were dealing with the close care of their dad alone.

It was only after partnering with us that she understood how much we do and what's on offer for those affected by the condition. Linda now hopes to change the conversation so that no one feels alone.

Linda has now featured on a panel with Parkinson's UK in conjunction with MS Society and Alzheimer’s Society, for those from Black African or Caribbean backgrounds living with or caring for someone with these neurological conditions. She appreciates events like these as they allow her to meet and hear from people with similar experiences and also share her journey.

The Spring Soirée 

On Friday 28 April 2023, Linda will be hosting her Spring Soirée fundraiser, promising a night of VIP entertainment featuring: The Grime Violinist, Nqobile Danseur, Mister Bounce and more. Guests can also expect bespoke drinks, a luxury raffle, and a panel talk with diverse spokespeople to raise awareness of Parkinson’s all in aid of Parkinson’s UK.

The event will take place at Kindred London and you can buy tickets on our website.

On her support for Parkinson’s UK, Linda said:

"We didn’t really know anyone else who looked like us that had Parkinson’s. I didn’t know anyone that I could go to for information on what it looks like for a Black person, if I’m being honest.

"My close friends would know, but it wasn’t really something that we spoke about outside and I think part of it is that kind of shame that’s associated with an illness. It’s really common in the African Caribbean communities, that sense of not wanting to have anyone look down on you or have anyone feel sorry for you, because you’re going through this illness, this sickness, this condition, so I feel like it just wasn’t spoken about.

"So I’m really proud to work with Parkinson’s UK to support my community, provide more families with the knowledge I didn’t have, and make my dad proud."

On working with Linda and the upcoming event, Paul Jackson-Clark, Director of Fundraising and Experience at Parkinson’s UK, said: 

"We are so grateful to Linda for sharing her story and her wonderful support of Parkinson’s UK. With more than 40 potential symptoms, Parkinson’s can devastate lives. We’ve made huge breakthroughs in the last 50 years, but there is still no cure and current treatments are not good enough.

"We are hoping for a full house on 28 April to raise greater awareness and vital funds to provide services for people living with Parkinson’s so they, and their loved ones, get the support that they need, whilst having lots of fun doing so!"

Get your tickets now

Join us on Friday 28 April for an evening of fun, entertainment, drinks and nibbles. Tickets are available now!