Lighting up blue for World Parkinson's Day 2022

Over 170 buildings across the UK lit up blue to encourage people to talk about Parkinson's.

Our community worked incredibly hard to encourage local attractions and iconic buildings across the UK to light up blue for Parkinson's on 11 April.

Over 170 buildings lit up, with many more kitchens, living rooms and houses too. You can see the locations that took part on our Light Up Blue for Parkinson's map.

Sam Ward, Participation and Involvement Lead at Parkinson's UK, was involved with the core group of volunteers who shaped and led our involvement in World Parkinson's Day. She said:

"World Parkinson’s Day means something to almost everyone in the Parkinson’s community. Light Up Blue for Parkinson’s has a 4 year history for World Parkinson’s Day. It originated in Scotland and then spread to Hull.

"Our volunteers spoke so passionately about what it meant to them to see buildings light up blue on previous World Parkinson’s Days. The core group couldn’t help but want to support it and see how far we could spread the idea. I think they and the community did a wonderful job."

Here are just a few of the buildings that went blue.

From across the UK... Canada...


...and back to our Head Office in London.