Late Star Wars actor's collection up for auction, with a percentage of proceeds going to Parkinson’s UK

Memorabilia from the collection of Jeremy Bulloch, the actor who played Boba Fett in Star Wars, is set to sell for thousands at auction in Bristol.

Boba Fett - The Estate Of Jeremy Bulloch Auction will take place on 4 May, also known as Star Wars Day. The collection consists of more than 600 lots with a combined value of between £70,000 and £110,000, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Parkinson's UK.

Jeremy Bulloch passed away in 2020 from complications relating to Parkinson's. He played the villainous bounty hunter in both The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Despite being on screen for mere minutes, the character has become one of the best-loved and most recognisable in the franchise.

Highlights within his collection include a life-sized Boba Fett mannequin that was cast from Jeremy's own body, film reels of unseen footage from Return of the Jedi, and Jeremy's script from his cameo appearance in Revenge of the Sith. Other items include hundreds of action figures, personal autographs from co-stars Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Dave Prowse, and a wealth of fan artwork and gifts.

The auction house, East Bristol Auctions, previously sold the collections of fellow Star Wars actors Dave Prowse, who portrayed Darth Vader, and Julian Glover, who played General Maximilian Veers.

Maureen Bulloch, Jeremy's wife, said:  

"During the twenty or so years that Jeremy attended conventions in relation to his role as Boba Fett from the Star Wars films, he acquired a large collection of memorabilia. He was also given items made by fans as well as a lot of artwork, some of it by well-known artists. Jeremy loved and appreciated every single item and proudly displayed them in his office. We, as his family, would now like to offer some of this memorabilia for fans to enjoy.

"The auction will be held on the auspicious date of May 4th with East Bristol Auctions. A substantial donation from the proceeds will go to Parkinson's UK. We would like to thank our friend Julian Owen who patiently spent hours cataloguing the memorabilia. May the force be with you."

Boba Fett - The Estate of Jeremy Bulloch Auction

You can view, and bid on, the full collection of memorabilia on the East Bristol Auctions website.