How to lift your mood this Stress Awareness Week

Parkinson's can be stressful. Improving your physical and mental wellbeing can be difficult. 

So this Stress Awareness Week, we're looking at 5 low-intensity activities and mindfulness practices that you can do to help you live well with Parkinson's.

Being active helps to improve your physical and mental wellbeing when you live with Parkinson's. This Stress Awareness Week, we want you to give one of these 5 physical activities a try, either from home, with family and friends, or at a local group or class. 

It's important to find the activity that's right for you when you have Parkinson's, so it's always a good idea to speak to your GP or Parkinson's Nurse before you try a physical activity for the first time. 

  • Tai chi focuses on smooth, flowing movements and breathing exercises to help people with Parkinson’s to relax their body. It can reduce stress and help to improve general health over time. Research has shown that people with Parkinson’s who practice tai chi for 6 months could walk better, have better posture and have fewer falls.
  • Yoga can help with slowness and stiffness, improve balance and flexibility, and increase muscle strength and power. It can also relax blood pressure, increase breathing strength, and improve your mood and sleep patterns. It's also a great way to meet others and enjoy being more socially active.
  • Seated exercises can be a great way to start being active when you live with Parkinson's. Whether you try activities from home, or you visit a local class, seated exercise promotes gentle movements that not only target your strength and coordination, but can also improve your mindfulness.   
  • Pilates combines elements of resistance training with movements from yoga and tai chi. It aims to build core strength and improve joint alignment, while breathing techniques can also help with relaxation. Exercises can be adapted to suit different levels and abilities, making it suitable for all ages and physical conditions.
  • Nordic walking is a perfect way to lower stress levels and improve your wellbeing. Walking generally is a great way to lift your mood, but Nordic walking can also help to improve your balance, strength and coordination. It's also a great social opportunity as you can meet more people from the Parkinson's community and walk together.        

For more information about the best physical activity sessions in your area, go to our local activity lookup tool

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Being active when you live with Parkinson's can be a great way to improve both your physical and mental wellbeing. Find out how you can start being active.