Sally, a person with Parkinson's, seeing her nurses

Treatments and therapies

Everyone's experience of Parkinson's is unique, so you may need to try different drugs, treatments and therapies to find out what works best for you.

Your specialist or Parkinson's nurse can give you tailored advice based on your lifestyle and symptoms.

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Interested in taking part in research?

Help us develop new treatments and therapies by taking part in research.  Through research, new medications and therapeutic interventions are evidenced and tested.

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Therapies to keep you active and healthy

There are many therapies that can help you manage your symptoms, from speech and language therapy through to complementary therapies such as Pilates.

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A person with Parkinson's during physiotherapy

Drug treatments

There are many different drugs prescribed for Parkinson's, so your medication will be based on what suits you as an individual.

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Surgery for Parkinson's

If your medication isn't controlling your symptoms, you may be suitable for surgery.

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