DBS and Me

Jo Yaldren was diagnosed with Parkinson’s when she was just 47 years old. Watch her journey towards deep brain stimulation (DBS) in our new series, DBS and Me.

For Jo, DBS is the light at the end of a tunnel. It’s given her, and her family and friends, hope that she can improve her quality of life. 

We're working together with Jo to tell her story. How she manages her Parkinson's day to day. How she's tried to come to terms with her diagnosis. How she thinks about the future. The impact on her family and friends. What gets her down, and what lifts her up.

And through a series of intimate and very personal short documentaries, Jo shares her journey as she navigates appointments with consultants, NHS waiting times and, she hopes, the surgery itself. 

Everyone’s Parkinson’s story is different. This is Jo’s.

Watch the trailer below or view the full series on YouTube.

Is deep brain stimulation right for me?

DBS is a type of surgery used to treat Parkinson’s. It is most effective at improving motor (movement) symptoms.

Typically, it's only considered as a treatment option for motor symptoms after 5 years of being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, and often when all other treatment options have stopped working.