World Parkinson's Day 2021

This year the Parkinson’s community came together to show that whatever your story, whatever your experience with Parkinson’s, you’re not alone. We are together, apart.

Watch the event

By the Parkinson's community, for the Parkinson's community

On Sunday 11 April 2021, the UK Parkinson's community came together to connect, learn and get inspired.

Hosted by Parkinson's activists Dave Clark and Clare Addison, we heard about the most important topics chosen by the Parkinson’s community:

  • Latest developments in Parkinson’s research, and how you can get involved.
  • Real life examples of people getting the best out of their healthcare professionals.
  • The amazing ways people with Parkinson's managed to rally together and support each other, despite all the restrictions.
  • What you can do to reach out and support people you know, who might need to see a friendly face or know that they are not alone.

Visit YouTube to discover more World Parkinson's Day events from around the world.

Reach out

Do you know someone who might be feeling isolated?

Why not share the World Parkinson’s Day event with them, or reach out with a phone call or a virtual coffee date?

However you choose to do it, show them that they’re never alone with Parkinson’s.

A simple action can make all the difference.

Looking for more ways to connect?

Dave Clark says:

"The constant support I've received from the Parkinson's community has always been an incredible boost for me, and I've always tried my hardest to repay that by being an active member. Coronavirus hasn't stopped that, but it has changed it. 

"It's not always been easy but by embracing new ways of connecting with exercise, with health care and with each other, we've broken down geographical and physical barriers."