World Parkinson's Day 2020

For World Parkinson’s Day 2020 (April 11) the Parkinson’s community helped people get to know Parkinson’s by sharing their stories.

World Parkinson’s Day 2020 was all about getting to know people with Parkinson’s, and the people in their lives. Many people with Parkinson's are familiar with feeling isolated, lonely, left out. The coronavirus crisis and staying at home has intensified these feelings for some people.

Right now, there are more than a million people with Parkinson's, family members, friends and carers in the UK who need expert advice and support. They have lots of pressing concerns and questions – and these are changing every day.

You can help to make sure someone is on the phone, or online, to provide the expert support and advice that people need, wherever they are, when they need it most.

Donate now and help deliver what people need, when they need it most.

Emergency appeal

Parkinson’s puts people at increased risk of complications if they get coronavirus (COVID-19). Together, we can give critical support to people with Parkinson’s, their families, friends and carers during the coronavirus crisis. 

Donate today to fund vital services like our helpline. Help us be here for people during the coronavirus crisis.

Funds raised through World Parkinson's Day were planned to be shared between Parkinson's UK and The Cure Parkinson's Trust, to fund research that will slow, stop, or reverse Parkinson's.  

Coronavirus means there is now an immediate need for support for people living with Parkinson's and the people in their lives. So The Cure Parkinson's Trust are standing with the community by backing the Parkinson's UK appeal for critical support during this crisis.

Get to know Parkinson’s

If you know 66 people, chances are you know someone who knows Parkinson’s.

It’s not just people living with Parkinson’s that are affected by it. In the UK, a million friends, families, neighbours, colleagues, researchers and more have stories to tell. Everyone’s experience of Parkinson’s is different. And how they feel about it is different too.

Do you know Parkinson’s? For World Parkinson’s Day 2020, some of the 1 million people affected by Parkinson’s shared their stories below.

(N.B. The views expressed in these stories are those of the individual storytellers, and are not necessarily the views of Parkinson’s UK or Cure Parkinson’s Trust. These stories contain honest and inspirational reflections on individuals' experiences, and as such may describe very personal approaches to managing life with Parkinson's. Please remember that anyone with Parkinson's who is considering making any changes to their medication or treatment should discuss how to do so safely with their doctor.)


What is Parkinson's?

If you know 66 people, chances are you know someone who knows Parkinson’s.

Parkinson's is a progressive neurological condition. It causes problems in the brain and gets worse over time. There's currently no cure for Parkinson's, but there are lots of different treatments, therapies and support available to help manage the condition.