Par for Parkinson's

Love a game of golf? Choose how you want to get involved and create your own golf fundraiser with Par for Parkinson's. Together, we can find a cure.

How will you Par for Parkinson's?

Will you take on a golfing challenge with your local club? Or how about a 3 course challenge for Par for Parkinson's, playing 54 holes over 3 courses in a day? You could hold a golf quiz with friends? Or get sponsored to dress up in your snazziest golf clothing at work? It's up to you!

Whatever you choose, you'll make a difference with Par for Parkinson's. The money you raise will help us find better treatments and a cure.

Ready to go? Sign up for Par for Parkinson's now.

Need more ideas?

Take a look at our handy guide, Par for Parkinson's: driving forward ideas, for lots of tips to make a real difference with your golf event. Download the guide here.

Andy's story

After his Parkinson’s diagnosis, Andy didn’t think he could play golf anymore. He didn't play for 4 years until a chance meeting with Jarlath, another golfer with Parkinson’s.

Jarlath kindly invited him to play a few rounds at the club where he had been a member for several years to see how he got on.

Andy says: "I very quickly realised I had made a big mistake and that I could play perfectly well. I was kicking myself for just giving up playing without trying to see if I could play or not.

"Jarlath is now one of my best friends. We are regular golfing partners and often play as a pair and it is thanks to him that I got back into playing golf. Playing golf is a major part of my social life and my coping mechanism. It gets me out there on the course with other people. I get the social interaction and the physical benefit."

Contact us

For any help with your fundraising, or for more ideas, contact our Fundraising team on 0800 138 6593 or email [email protected].