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Progress magazine

Progress magazine issue 18

Progress is our free, twice-yearly magazine that focuses on the latest research into Parkinson's.

It includes news of recently awarded grants, exciting results from our ongoing and completed projects, and international developments.

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Latest issue

Highlights of Issue 20, spring 2017:

  • From prediction to prevention. We investigate whether we'd be able to prevent Parkinson's if we could predict it.
  • Taking part in research - setting the story straight. We need people to take part in Parkinson's research, but what if you don't have Parkinson's? How can you help?
  • The placebo effect - fact or fiction? Mike Wharrad, a member of the Research Support Network, shares his story about being fooled by the placebo effect.
  • What's in the pipeline for Parkinson's? In the past 20 years we've made phenomenal progress understanding Parkinson's. But how is this being turned into new treatments?

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Spring 2017

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