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Parkinson's nurses

Parkinson's nurses are general nurses with specialist experience, knowledge and skills in Parkinson's.

They play a vital role in caring for people with the condition.

They also offer information and advice to families of people with Parkinson's and to other health and social care professionals.

What do Parkinson's nurses do?

Parkinson's nurses provide expert care because they only work with people with the condition.

Lorraine Savory, Parkinson's nurse, with placard 'My service delivers expert care'

  • They can support people coming to terms with their Parkinson's diagnosis.
  • A large part of the role is helping people to manage their medication, so they get the best results and fewer side effects.
  • They can make referrals to other professionals such as speech and language therapists and physiotherapists.
  • They train other health and social care professionals - for example on making sure people with Parkinson's get their medication on time in hospital.

Where do Parkinson's nurses work?

Parkinson's nurses work in hospitals, care homes and in the community. Many see people in all these areas.

In hospitals, Parkinson's nurses run clinics and also make sure that other hospital staff understand Parkinson's.

My nurse understands me and gives me the tools to live an active life without resorting to other NHS services.

Person with Parkinson's

They might work as part of a multidisciplinary team with other professionals such as physiotherapists and psychologists.

If you have Parkinson's and you're admitted to hospital, the nurse can contact the ward staff to make sure they understand your condition and the importance of you getting your Parkinson's medication on time.

In the community, Parkinson's nurses also run clinics, including in rehabilitation clinics, GPs' surgeries and local community hospitals.

Parkinson's nurses may also see people in their own homes, if the person can't attend clinics.

Nurses can run telephone clinics too or have dedicated times when people can call. This means people can get a quick response without a clinic appointment.

How can I access a Parkinson's nurse?

There is good nurse coverage in many areas of the UK. But there are still some areas with little or no access.

The referral process for accessing a nurse differs depending on where you live.

To find out if there is a Parkinson's nurse in your area, contact our helpline 0808 800 0303 or your Parkinson's local adviser.