Parkinson's UK gender pay report

Parkinson's UK employs more than 250 people. Since April 2018, we have published details of our gender pay gap.

We’re committed to equality and diversity. We believe that it is an important part of creating a thriving and effective organisation.

All our staff are recruited on merit, irrespective of gender or any other protected characteristics, and our benchmarked salary ranges are visible at the point of advertising.

The gender pay gap is the difference in the hourly rate of pay of men and women, expressed as a percentage of men’s salary.

For 2019 we found our gender pay gap to be:

  • Mean gender pay gap - 13.5%
  • Median gender pay gap – 8.9%

Our gender pay gap is significantly lower than the 17.3% average pay gap across the nation (Office of National Statistics, October 2019). Our gender pay gap is also lower than average for the charity sector.

Our executive pay policy is overseen by our Nominations and Remuneration Committee and Board of Trustees. A thorough review of executive pay was conducted in 2016 using an external provider.

We’re reviewing our benefits offering as we want to make sure that every position is equally attractive and accessible to people, no matter their gender.

How we're governed

More information on how we're governed and our finances can be found in our annual reports and accounts.