Our work in Northern Ireland

Around 3,880 people have a diagnosis of Parkinson's in Northern Ireland.

Every year another 1,500 people will be diagnosed with Parkinson's across the UK. That's about 30 people each week. About half of people live with more advanced Parkinson's. This means that symptoms are complex, and medication does not manage them effectively.

Parkinson's affects people of any age. 

Our work

We're on a mission to change attitudes, support one another and find a cure. Our small staff team and more than 100 volunteers are based in communities across Northern Ireland. We work together to improve the lives of people with Parkinson's and the people who love and care for them. Meet our team.


There are 10 local groups in Northern Ireland providing friendship and support for people with Parkinson's and the people in their lives.

Our Northern Ireland Development Team is working in conjunction with local volunteers to develop accessible, local resources that people with Parkinson's need to live well with the condition. Resources like physical activity and exercise, singing groups, cafe meet-ups and creative activities.

On our frontline are Parkinson's advisers, who work in communities across the country to provide free and confidential information and support, and access to the right information on social security and other entitlements.

We also provide self-management courses online to help people with Parkinson's and carers increase their resilience and knowledge about the challenges that Parkinson's brings.

Improving services

Our team helps to support health and care professionals with a special interest in Parkinson's. Additionally, we work with the 5 health Trusts in Northern Ireland, to improve local care and services. We also provide education and training to health and care professionals, to help them drive up the quality of care they provide.

Press and Campaigns

Our team uses a variety of means to raise awareness of Parkinson's, including our social media channels and local press. This allows us to showcase our work and reflect the lives of those living with Parkinson’s every day.

We also work with the whole Parkinson's community to influence local and national services, and campaign to change things for the better.

Parkinson's: Who cares? report

Our latest report focuses on the needs of carers in Northern Ireland.


Our dedicated Northern Ireland fundraising staff work to raise vital funds to support and grow our activities, supporting a wide range of events across Northern Ireland, from our annual Walk for Parkinson’s event, to quizzes, golf days and much more. We are always grateful for the support of our community who choose to raise funds for us in such a wide variety of ways.

Large group of walkers in Parkinson's UK t-shirts