Parkinson's Virtual Biotech

The Parkinson's Virtual Biotech is the drug development arm of Parkinson’s UK.

What is the Virtual Biotech?

Our virtual biotech fast tracks the most promising scientific discoveries to rapidly develop and test promising Parkinson's treatments.

Dr Arthur Roach, Director of Research at Parkinson's UK, explains why we're stepping in to bridge the funding gap left by commercial companies.

About the Parkinson's Virtual Biotech

Our mission

Our mission is to invest £2-4million per year - totalling £11million by 2020 - to fast track projects to rapidly develop and test treatments with the potential to transform life for people with Parkinson's.

We are hoping to create a portfolio of projects that can attract further investment, and we’ll look to partner with companies to take successful projects into the later stages of drug development and trials.

How we work

Unlike our traditional research grants, projects supported within the Virtual Biotech are managed and developed in partnership with Parkinson's UK.

We select and manage projects at the drug discovery, preclinical and early clinical development stages.

Our virtual approach means we can work flexibly and creatively with leading research organisations - clinical and academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies and biotechs worldwide - that can work with us in a results-focused, efficient way to develop and commercialise new treatments for Parkinson's.

What we look for in a project

Projects suitable for our portfolio would typically be ready for identification or optimisation of chemical starting points, and meet a number of the following criteria:

  • Aimed at either disease-modifying or symptomatic treatments.
  • Represent emerging or neglected areas rather than those already well supported.
  • Have robust validation of the relevance of the biological pathway to the proposed indication, such as, for example, a genetic link or activity in a suitable in vivo model.
  • Include either assay formats suitable for a high-throughput screen to identify hits, or chemical starting points for optimisation.
  • Carry potential for generating novel intellectual property.
  • Generally possess a profile similar to projects that a private biotech would pursue.

Work with us

If you have a project that is at the drug discovery or clinical development stage, it may be considered for the Parkinson's Virtual Biotech.

    If you have a project that fits with our aims and would be interested in learning more about the opportunities for working together, we would be delighted to hear from you.

    Please contact us at:

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