Self-management programme

Our self-management programme is designed to help you navigate your life with Parkinson's.

The aim is to share experiences and discuss the practical and emotional impact of Parkinson’s.

Our self-management groups are for people with Parkinson's, partners and carers.

They're free to attend, but you have to book your place in advance.

I feel as though I'm more in control, I can see a future.
Pat, whose husband has Parkinson's

Each self-management group is led by trained volunteer facilitators with first-hand experience of Parkinson's.

The programme offers a time-limited, structured and facilitated chance to talk through some of the bigger questions about life with the condition.

In this way it differs from the really valuable support provided by our branches and local support groups.

What are the benefits?

People tell us that as a result of attending they feel:

  • armed with information and knowledge
  • more confident, positive, in control and able to move forward
  • less alone as a result of meeting others

Participants also say they gain:

  • greater self-awareness and insight
  • a personal action plan for doing specific things such as exercise, hobbies and therapeutic activities
  • improved speech as a result of talking in the group

The groups - 2018

Tuesday 10 April - Tuesday 24 April
Burton on Trent
Wednesday 11 April - Wednesday 25 April
Wednesday 11 April - Wednesday 25 April
Wednesday 11 April - Wednesday 25 April
Thursday 12 April - Thursday 26 April
Monday 16 April - Monday 30 April
Tuesday 17 April - Tuesday - 22 May
Wednesday 18 April - Wednesday 2 May
Wednesday 18 April - Wednesday 23 May
Tuesday 24 April - Tuesday 29 May
Wednesday 25 April - Wednesday 30 May
Wednesday 25 April - Wednesday 30 May*
Thursday 26 April - Thursday 31 May
Tuesday 1 May - Tuesday 5 June*
Scotland (online group)
Wednesday 2 May - Wednesday 6 June
Thursday 3 May - Thursday 7 June
Thursday 3 May - Thursday 7 June*
Merseyside and Cheshire (online group)
Thursday 3 May - Thursday 7 June
Midlands and South Yorkshire (online group)
Thursday 3 May - Thursday 7 June
Tuesday 8 May - Tuesday 12 June
Tuesday 15 May - Tuesday 19 June

Newton Abbot/Torbay
Wednesday 16 May - Wednesday 20 June*

Thursday 17 May - Thursday 21 June*
Tuesday 22 May - Tuesday 26 June*
Tuesday 22 May - Tuesday 26 June*
Wednesday 23 May - Wednesday 27 June*
Wednesday 23 May -Wednesday 27 June*
Westminster (Victoria)
Wednesday 23 May -  Wednesday 27 June*
Thursday 24 May - Thursday 28 June*
St Albans
Friday 25 May - Friday 29 June*

*Dates are provisional.

Confirmed dates and locations and further information will be available in February.

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Reviewing information

Volunteer as a self-management facilitator in 2018

We're looking for volunteer facilitators for these groups:

Download our guide to the role (PDF, 701KB)

Join a self-management group

"The self-management programme teaches how to face up to the things that really affect your life, how to find those solutions yourself."

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What is self-management?

"Self-management is about enabling you to take control as best you can and find a path forward in your journey with Parkinson's."

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Any questions?

If you have any questions, want to find out more or want to talk about whether our self-management groups would be right for you, you can:

What happens at the group?

Our self-management programme focuses on the practical and emotional impact of Parkinson's.

Self-management groups meet for 3 or 6 consecutive weeks and it's important that you're able to attend all of the sessions as the topics link together week after week. The programme is free, but you need to register.

The groups are a discussion - not a series of talks by outside experts.

The facilitators and other people in the self-management groups won't be able to answer detailed medical questions.

If you have lots of questions about Parkinson's as a condition please contact our helpline on 0808 800 0303 beforehand.

Topics covered


  • Making connections with others. Without connections to others you miss opportunities to talk about the challenges of living with Parkinson's personally, and as a partner or carer.
  • Looking ahead. When life changes, it can be easy to shut down and stop looking ahead. Having a strategy for looking ahead is part of the antidote to feeling that life has come to a halt.
  • Looking at relationships. When our individual lives change so do those of the people closest to us. Our relationships, the roles we play, how we spend time together and what we talk about may change.
  • Focusing on what's important to you. People often find that major life-changing events make them think about what's important. It's easy to lose sight of all of the big and small things that make life valuable.
  • Taking care of yourself. To make the most of life now might mean taking more care of yourself than you did - thinking about diet, exercise, learning new ways to unwind and to have fun, but also being kinder to yourself.
  • Planning for the future and taking actions. Making the most of life at any age and with any set of challenges can mean taking actions to enhance your quality of life.

Information for referrers

Parkinson's nurses, clinicians, other NHS staff and local voluntary organisations help us to promote the programme.

If you work directly with people affected by Parkinson's please spread the word if we have a group running nearby (see the table above to find out if we do).

You can download an introductory guide for you and your colleagues at the bottom of this page.

If you have further questions please email or call 020 7963 3924.

Meet our facilitators

Each self-management group is led by 2 trained volunteer self-management facilitators with first-hand experience of Parkinson's - either as people living with it or as current carers and partners.

Their role is to:

  • keep the group moving along
  • bring the conversation back if it moves off topic too much
  • check everyone is OK with what's being discussed

Download the self-management programme guide

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Introduction to Path through Parkinson's (PDF, 890KB)
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Introduction to Path through Parkinson's, Northern Ireland (PDF, 890KB)