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Tracking Parkinson's

Tracking Parkinson's will be the world's largest ever in-depth study of people with Parkinson's. We need thousands of people with Parkinson's across the UK to get involved.

This ambitious 5-year project aims to speed up our search for a cure by finding 'biomarkers'. Watch our short film to find out more.

Already know you want to take part? Find out what to do.

Duration: 3 minutes 41 seconds

Transcript of Tracking Parkinson's film

Biomarkers - the key to a cure

Identifying biomarkers is key and would revolutionise the diagnosis and management of Parkinson's.

We believe that finding biomarkers is crucial to finding a cure for Parkinson's.

Biomarkers are small changes in the body that can be measured to show how severe your Parkinson's is. But no biomarkers have yet been found for Parkinson's.

Without a reliable biomarker we cannot diagnose Parkinson's accurately or measure how it progresses - which is a massive barrier to testing new treatments.

Having a biomarker for Parkinson's would also help us diagnose Parkinson's earlier, when people are most likely to benefit from the new treatments scientists are working on.

Who can take part?

We need thousands of people with Parkinson's across the UK to get involved to make Tracking Parkinson's a success.

We're looking for:

  • people diagnosed with Parkinson's in the past 3 years
  • people diagnosed before the age of 50 - this part of the study is now full

Hospitals across the UK are involved in Tracking Parkinson'sWe'll also be asking a smaller number of brothers and sisters of people with Parkinson's (who are enrolled in the study) to participate.

Where is the study happening?

The study is happening in a network of 70 study centres across the UK.

So hopefully it should be possible for most people to find a local study centre and take part in Tracking Parkinson's.

What does taking part involve?

Taking part involves:

  • completing questionnaires
  • donating blood samples
  • having your Parkinson's symptoms carefully monitored at regular hospital appointments

What will happen to my information and blood samples?

The information and blood samples collected in the study will be anonymised and made available to researchers studying Parkinson's all over the world free of charge.

This will create a lasting legacy that future generations of people with Parkinson's will benefit from.

I'd like to take part. What do I do?

Professor Donald Grosset, Tracking Parkinson's study leaderIf you've been diagnosed with Parkinson's in the last 3 years or were diagnosed before the age of 50, you should be eligible to take part.

Please check the list of hospitals involved in the study to see whether there is a centre near enough to you.

If there is, and you feel you can travel to it please discuss taking part in the study with your Parkinson's nurse or specialist.

If you decide you'd like to take part ask your specialist or Parkinson's nurse to contact the hospital team directly for further information.

I'm not eligible to take part but I'd still like to help - what can I do?

Please help us spread the word to people who might be interested in participating.

If you know someone recently diagnosed with Parkinson's, or someone who was diagnosed before the age of 50, please tell them about the study.

I have a question that's not answered above - who do I ask?

Please email us at

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