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Preparing for end of life

This section looks at the practical and emotional issues relating to Parkinson's and the later stages of life.

As someone with Parkinson's, I will make sure this information is available to my family.

Parkinson's is a lifelong condition, but it can lead to poor health in later life.

Topics in this area include decisions you may need to make, the care you would like to have, how to put your affairs in order, and help and support available.

Some of this may not relate to your current circumstances. But it's important to know what arrangements and choices you may want to make in the future.

Much of this information is also just as relevant for people without Parkinson's.

Why think about end of life?

Many of us find it difficult to think about what will happen as we near the end of our lives.

But there are advantages to early discussion and planning. And you may find it gives you peace of mind to be prepared emotionally and practically.

Without future planning, your wishes and preferences may not be carried out. This could be because you are too ill to communicate, or because you have not made the proper legal arrangements.

Planning your future now with the people in your life may help you, your friends and family feel more confident and reassured about what lies ahead.

It also takes away the burden from family and friends of having to make decisions on your behalf.

Remember that any decisions you make now can be updated whenever you want.

Find out more on this topic in our free Preparing for end of life booklet or browse the pages below.

We also offer information for family, friends and carers on what to do when someone dies and coping with bereavement.

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