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About Parkinson's

BBC newsreader Jane Hill explains what Parkinson's is and helps answer some frequently asked questions.

One person in every 500 has Parkinson's. That's about 127,000 people in the UK.

Symptoms and how quickly they progress are different for everyone.

There's currently no cure, but drugs and treatments are available to manage many of the symptoms.

All about Parkinson's

What is Parkinson's?

What is Parkinson's

An introduction to Parkinson's and how it progresses


Coral Robb holding a placard saying 'At times I just freeze'

The different symptoms of Parkinson's

Everyday life

Alan Fairbairn and his family

Dealing with everyday issues and challenges with Parkinson's

Treating Parkinson's

Drug treatments

Sally Frank, who has Parkinson's, talking to nurses from her local GP surgery

The drugs most commonly used to manage Parkinson’s


Koki Patel

Surgery may be suitable for some people with Parkinson’s


Nurse with Harold Spencer, who has Parkinson's at Derby London Road Community Hospital

Therapies to help you manage your condition

Parkinson's UK publications

For everyone affected by Parkinson's

We have a wide range of publications about all aspects of Parkinson's - for people with Parkinson's, their carers and family, and health and social care professionals.

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Sharing experiences

Sometimes I freeze when I’m dancing, which is really frustrating. And my Parkinson’s is worse if I’m emotional or ill. But I’m in charge of my Parkinson’s at the moment and I won’t let it control me.

Mervyn, diagnosed in 1993
Mervyn Dalton

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