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  • Medi-popper
  • Medi-popper

The Medi-popper is a clever device that releases any shape or size of pill from difficult-to-open blister packaging. Designed by a person with Parkinson's specifically for people with the condition, it gives independence to those with limited hand dexterity. Using a simple turntable you can choose one of three generic pill shapes, which gently push your tablet through the foil wrapping without damaging it.

To use

  • Place the Medi-popper on a flat, non-slip surface
  • Use the turntable to choose the right shape and size for your pill or capsule
  • Position the pill face up underneath the correct shape, with the foil face down
  • Push the lever to quickly and efficiently release the pill into a tray under the turntable
  • Simply tip the device into your hand to collect your medication


Product information

  • 11cm long Rotating table
  • 9cm diameter