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Big digit talking watch

Digital talking watch


Digital watch with an LCD display and alarm function, making it ideal to use as a medication reminder.

Tabtime super 8 pill box reminder

Super 8 pill box reminder


A pill box with 8 compartments and reminder alarms developed specifically for people with Parkinson’s.

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2017 Mervyn Peake Calendar

Was: £5.99

A bright 2017 calendar featuring art, photography and poetry from our 2016 Mervyn Peake Awards.

2017 Parkinson's UK diary

Was: £5.99

A Parkinson's UK branded diary with useful information about Parkinson's and the charity.

Men's polo shirt

Adult polo shirt

Was: £19.00

Raise awareness in this stylish blue polo shirt, embroidered with the Parkinson's UK logo.


Parkinson's UK stocks an extensive range of daily living, assisted living, medication and mobility aids, all designed to help take control

Ergonomic cutlery set

Ergonomic cutlery set


Knife, fork and spoon to make eating easier and more comfortable for those who find it difficult to grip ordinary cutlery.



A clever device enabling people with Parkinson's to extract pills from difficult-to-open packaging.