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Vibrating watch

Vibrating watch


This watch is ideal as a discreet reminder, with 12 audible and vibration only alarms.

Tabtime super 8 pill box reminder

Super 8 pill box reminder


A pill box with 8 compartments and reminder alarms developed specifically for people with Parkinson’s.


Parkinson's UK stocks an extensive range of daily living, assisted living, medication and mobility aids, all designed to help take control

Ergonomic cutlery set

Ergonomic cutlery set


Knife, fork and spoon to make eating easier and more comfortable for those who find it difficult to grip ordinary cutlery.



A clever device enabling people with Parkinson's to extract pills from difficult-to-open packaging.

Parkinson's Awareness Week

Support Parkinson's Awareness Week with our range of t-shirts and other products

I have Parkinson's wristband

I have Parkinson's wristband

Was: £1.00

Cyan blue, silicone wristband with the words, 'I have Parkinson's, please give me time' to tell people discreetly about your condition.

I have Parkinson's badge

I have Parkinson's badge


This metal badge says 'I have Parkinson's. Please give me time', and is a discreet way to tell others you have the condition.

Adult t-shirt

Parkinson's UK adult t-shirt


Get in the fundraising spirit with this cyan blue t-shirt with our Parkinson's UK logo on the front and 'we can beat it' on the back.