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Writing to stave off dementia

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Writing to stave off dementia

Hi everybody its Prof here; I don't write very often on the forum because I have found a way of taking control of my PD, and the way that I take control is I write short stories. and poetry. Trying to think of a different plot for each story keeps my brain working; it sets the cogs of imagination in motion on a daily basis and helps to prevent me from  thinking about the reason that I started writing the story in the first place.

I haven't been able to write with a pen or pencil for two years, but I can use a typewriter and a word processor, which keeps my fingers active and prevents them from seizing up which is what happens if I am doing nothing. My biggest fear is getting dementia like my father did in the final years of his life; he became violent and swore at people in an extremely aggressive fashion. At the end of his life he wasn't the man I remembered he became a complete stranger to the entire family and it was a very sad experience for all of us.

I started writing short stories after I had written my autobigraphy, as a lecturer of English Literature I find it very therapuetic being able to continue with something that I did for many years, butit ios something that we are ll capable of doing because in every person there is a personal story.

KatC Parkinson's UK

Hi Prof, 

How are you? Really sorry to hear about your father, dementia is very hard on families. I can understand having that fear, especially if you've lived through it with someone. 

It sounds like your writing is keeping you busy, so many members love to write, you're not alone there!

Is there anything you'd like to see change on the forum that would help you post more regularly? 

Take care, 



Hi Kat,

Nice to hear from you; my father actually passed away ten days ago, but life goes on. Regarding the forum would it be possible to have a column for short stories and poems? I'm sure that many people would send their work in for publishing. Who knows we may even get an Alistair Maclean, Charles Dickens or Agatha Christie, from our group of highly educated zombies (Joke) sorry if it offends anybody.

Best wishes to you Kat, and your team,