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Introduce yourself and share your story
11598 RBD anybody?
by Planky
17 November 2017 12:08pm
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Drug treatments, surgery and therapies
10046 ...
by bettyblue
16 November 2017 10:01pm
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Been diagnosed recently or waiting for a diagnosis?
4040 Not dealing...
by Mabelsmum
17 November 2017 9:27pm
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Discussions of physical and mental symptoms
3463 Dentist reaction
by Jaffy
16 November 2017 5:24pm
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Information, campaign updates and personal stories
2069 Understanding...
by john947
16 November 2017 2:00am
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Exercise, diet and ways to keep healthy
5122 Personal fall...
by stormforce
16 November 2017 4:33am
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Driving, tips and tricks, living life with the condition
7549 Live broadcast
by TeeHee
17 November 2017 10:54am
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Carers chat and dealing with personal relationships
2710 Parkinsons Dementia
by john947
18 November 2017 12:38am
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Employment issues, benefits and money

3037 Mortgage renewal
by TeeHee
18 November 2017 12:01pm
Ways of taking control of your life with Parkinson's.
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369 alcohol and...
by turnip
6 November 2017 7:19am
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Views, information and experiences of research
2112 Gondola - Hi...
by christmas
19 October 2017 9:34pm
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Opportunities to get involved in research studies

210 DT A-level...
by Tyler Cohen
18 September 2017 9:23am
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Get involved in our work to find a cure
46 Parkinson uk...
by benji
6 November 2017 11:10pm
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Poets, writers, show your creative side!
11233 NOVEMBER 2017
by MrJohnnyParky
17 November 2017 6:04pm
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Find out what's going on and how to get involved
464 London Working...
by Clarky5000
13 November 2017 8:01pm
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Have ideas to make the community stronger?
62 PUK Admin. posts
by benji
2 November 2017 11:01pm
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