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Inner tremor

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Inner tremor

After all these years, I am getting an inner tremor.  It is very mild, but have never had it before.  Is this common?  A very mild nerve pill stops it.  But if I can't get the pill and it goes on for awhile, I feel as if I will physically fly into a shattered  person!  My daughter said "Just relax Mom, you're too uptight."  So I relaxed my whole body while sitting in her chair and shook severely all over until had to get hold of me, to calm it down!  I live "without" tremors 99% of the time because i stiffen my body.  But now my body is going into muscle spasms from the years of tightness.  Do any of you have these inner tremors and do they worsen?


I don't get inner tremors but get what I call tingling and it drives me mad when I'm in bed!