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Regarding making archives available; I see your point, not everyone thinks to search them.  However if access is allowed to the google bots, the archives can be included in wider google searches, as are posts to this forum..

I have had a look at the example forum you mentioned.  It looks as though you cannot have sub-threads - like Reddit - to make conversations easier to follow.


ezinda Parkinson's UK

Hi Edxxxxx

You just need to log in before the end of the year to maintain your membership. So, you're fine!




ezinda Parkinson's UK

Hi Martini

Content on the forum does come up in Google searches. But Google prioritises newer, fresher content as well. 

There are various ways of setting up the software so we'll look at this when we're at this stage. Take a look at another example here: which might seem easier to follow. 



Sounds good..but at the moment it is not working!


Sent the above as a test because I have been unable to post for a week...but seems to be working now!


Hi Ezinda,

I have just logged on, does this mean that I will automatically be included in the new forum?


Hi Prof.,

If you want to be included in the new forum, all you need to do is log in before the end of 2017. As you logged on earlier today, you're fine.

Best wishes, 

Ilona (Moderation Team). 


Hi Ezinda,

One piece of functionality I would like to see in the future if it isn’t already available already so apologies in advance if it is.

currently each post that forum users submit are searchable on google to the outside world. Whilst this in most cases isn’t a problem.

However this is a closed group and sometimes you dont want to publish what is the for the most part very personal information to all and sundry.

perhaps the default position should be searchable but maybe a tick box available if you want to keep within the forum. Not sure if this is feasible, web technology isn’t my best subject,


Island Mike

Some parts of the forum are invisible to non registered viewers. The social and creative section can’t  be seen unless you are logged on. I must admit, I’m fairly comfortable with personal medical info being “public” because my experience may chime with that of a casual reader, In a way, that’s what forums are for, even if the casual viewer never registers. Remember, far more people read the posts than ever post.

KatC Parkinson's UK


Really encouraging to see so many positive responses to this news, we're really excited! 

On the matter of privacy, Island Mike is right, some parts of the forum are private and you can share information freely without Google pulling the discussions in to search. 

We do advise all members not to share private information in any area of the forum though, especially if you're not comfortable with your information being shared or searchable. The new forum will still have private areas for you to talk openly if you wish to.