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Another one of those i' m afraid to say.

All good things
As a life expire
Joy word brings
Sometimes tire
Fabled one sings
Hear other choir

PD's unforgiving
Learn not on own
Help with dealing
Of friends known
Keep on fighting
My memory sewn

Feel see destined
Never start rejoice
Path's determined
Transport a choice
Swinging I intend
Positive raged voice

Thanks to all for your guidance in my attempts to be creative with words and best wishes with the weight loss PW.

P.S and now a word from our sponsors: 

Milk, Bread, Mus....... sorry wrong note. Just a sec and let me check pockets, no, no eh what's this a Green Bon Bon. I didn't know they did Green ones and the last time I bought some White Bon Bons was Bonfire night last year when I got out this winter coat. Must have got it of someone, lets just try it. Very soft for a Bon Bon. Anyway where's that note, oh here it is on the table and now we have the note: Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do. It's the way I kill em (which isn't a confession, unless you mean my singing at Kara-chokee).

F' off John. - All and that includes me who is you, comprendy. No. Just F' off you / me.





I am me,
insignificant in the grand scheme of things,
but still me.

We are us, not 'them,'
not mere cogs, all the same, in giant wheels,
but each different,
with  their own individual contribution
to the whole.

I am not one of 'them',
discarded in a pile,
each the same size, the same weight, the same colour,
with the same complaint.

The complaint may imbue us with certain likenesses,
just as may also the colour of our hair, our eyes, our skin.
But so many facets there are to each of us,and needing examination.
Each of us is different, no two the same.

I am me, not one of 'them',
No matter how perceived,
I shall not lose my individuality.
I am still just me.


Shooting star

Bright beauty in the sky

Illuminated our life
With an intensity

A memorable trajectory
Cosmic glory
A meteoric life




Got myself a dying, mocking, weeping, rocking,giving doll
Gotta do my best to seize her, just cos she's a giving doll 
Got a woven tie and that is why she gratis pies keeps cool
Got the done and lonely mocking, rocking, giving doll.
Take a look at her there, big deal
If you don't relieve every day when you feel ,
You re gonna have to go or you're sunk, so no big hunk,
Can reel her the way to me.





And then there were three or four!!

Happy Christmas

What would I miss about Christmas,
If it didn’t happen one year?
Would I really miss it?
The yuletide, festive cheer.

I’d miss the giving presents,
The element of surprise,
Choosing gifts for one and all,
Brings a sparkle to the eyes.

The Christmas tree takes ages,
Decorating wears me out,
But each bauble on the branches
Explains what Christmas is all about.

The endless preparations,
Secrets kept or guesses right,
Town streets filled with colour,
Frosty pavements, cold dark night.

So far I’ve thought of nothing,
Which you could happily take away,
Because the proof is in the pudding,
Isn’t that what they say!

From mince pies to massive dinner,
From singing carols to playing a game,
I really do like Christmas!
Without it – life couldn’t be the same!


I have enjoyed watching Blue Planet Two

The message says ‘it’s up to us’,
Future placed in human hands.
Responsibility, enough’s enough,
It’s time to make a stand.

In what small way can I play my part,
If preservation’s key?
Environments change at such a pace,
What answer can there be?

Where pounding oceans meet the shore,
Where icebergs break in two,
In deepest sea or shallow pools
There’s work for us to do.

An orca caught in sturdy net,
Fighting to last breath.
An albatross fed plastic bags!
Facing certain death.

We can make a difference,
By changing what we do.
Consider course of action,
Make plans to see it through.

Blue Planet in great danger,
This proved to be a fact.
The message says ‘it’s up to us’.
It’s time for us to act!