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DVLA Lisence Issues

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Hi,   I must be the lucky one, I have never had a medical  for a driving licence even the first one after diagnosis. Diagnosed in 2008/2009, since then I have had 2 three year renewals and the last time I was most surprised because I had been given a five year renewal.

The worst part  waiting to see what the DVLA are going to do, whether they will give a new licence or not. I would be most upset if it was not renewed anytime.     




Hi Sharon I haven't been for a driving assessment either, I was DX in 2011 but had symptoms in 2010. The licence I have at the moment runs till December 2018, but I'll know for myself if and when I do get to the stage where I will have to give up driving, but till then I will put up a fight if the DVLA do try to stop me.



My licence should have been renewed on 26th November so I chased up the week before to make sure they had received the information from my GP which they had.  My case has now been passed to their panel of Doctors but in the meantime I am permitted to drive(I am coming up 65).  If I wasn't safe my wife would not let me drive or have the keys for that matter !!  So, the wait goes on.