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Newly diagnosed

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SX Girl,

I dont like telling people either, dont want people thinking I'm trying to pull the sympathy card, but after 9 years of having PD most people know anyway.

Cool that your hubby was able to change your seats, How was the concert? I'm not a huge fan of confined spaces, I cant handle big crowds.



Your welcome xxx


Hi I haven't been on the forum for a while I've been doing ok. I take rasagilene and RequipXL 2 mg I went to the doctors to pick up my prescription and the doctor has prescribed Repinex XL 2mg is there a difference between these drugs apart from Repinex being half the price 

Island Mike

Hi, Sandie

The short answer is no, there is no difference. Repinex is simply the generic form, the patent on Requip having expired. The Repinex should work in exactly the same way, don't worry.


Thanks for that Island Mike since I’ve been on the Repinex my tremor does appear to getting slowly worse.