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The Sun has got its Hat on........

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the Pokermid
The Sun has got its Hat on........

The Sun has got its hat on.........


People that matter are family and friends,
Carer’s and partners. Their love never bends.
Raising our children brings laughter and joy,
Girl’s with their dollies and worms for the boy.

Smile every morning as though it’s your last,
Look to the future and not in the past.
Money and status won’t brighten our lives,
Happy, contented when sunshine arrives.

Walk in the forest and gaze at the trees,
Leaves are still falling and float in the breeze.
Branches are creaking and bend with the wind,
Wonder at nature and how nothings twinned.

P D has taken some strength from our bones,
Muscle’s contracting and feeling like stones.
Movement is slowing, impeding our gait,
Missing appointment’s by getting there late.

Tarsal’s and carpal’s are rigid with pain,
Dystonic digits will drive us insane.
Hawaiian Hula’s require some grace,
Is dyskinesia the dance to embrace?

Why are we solemn and looking so grim?
Our facial features are chiselled so thin!
Mask is the culprit that intrigued Rodin,
Sculpting the ‘Thinker’. P D has a plan!!

Anxious, despondent and feeling despair,
Life isn’t cosy and surely unfair!
Pick up the gauntlet and slap P D’s face?
Batter its armour with Axe or a Mace!

Jousting with P D with Lance and a Sword,
Wearing a Favour? A Knight and his word.
Rise up and battle this pox if you dare,
Playing at Possum and lured to its lair?

Forget the fighting and live for today,
Try to be happy and steer from the fray!
Time is so precious and waits for no-one,
Don’t wait for freedom or it will be gone.

Look at your options and then make a choice,
Moaning and groaning or hope in your voice?
Dance at a party or read at a wake?
Get off your backside for everyone’s sake!!!

The Sun has got its hat on………………..



Brilliant - excellent attitude.

the Pokermid

Glad you like it farhills big grin

Glasgow girl

Very True

Enjoyed reading .


Barbara x

the Pokermid

Thanks Glasgow girl......I enjoyed writing it. big grin