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Hi GG & Twinks

I admire you both, and everyone else, at how much we battle on in the fight with PD, some more than others for what they have been through in having to find other ways of coping. I have been on Ropinirole XL since being DX 6 years ago, now on 18mg, to which Sinimet has now been added. I still feel that I have been very much the one of they 'lucky' ones to have up to now escaped any major problems with DA's and hope upon hope I don't in the future.

All my best wishes - Sheila x


My wife has been on simemet  since DX for nearly 3 years because it wasnt working she tried madopar for a short while and that made her feel much worse. Her PD nurse said to go back on sinemet and she would speak to the consultant. My wife went to see her consultant and he said because the levadopa didnt seem to work we would try something else. She is still taking her sinemet 4x a day with a hallf sinemet CR before bed. Also 2mg of ropinerole she is a bit better (no foggy head) we have just upped the ropinerole to 4mgXL. Lets hope the ropinerole can be what she needs.

                          big grinBillywhizz



Hi Billywhizz - that is the combination of meds i'm on at the moment. Started on Ropinirole XL slow release six years ago, now taking 18mg, now  taken with one Sinimet twice a day, I have been taken these together for two weeks now and they seem to work fine with each other. But it does'nt always work with everyone, so hope your wife gets on with them.

All the best - Sheilabig grin 


Thanks for your reply Sheila☺


I've been reading about ldn, low dose naltrexone. Apparently it negates the icd side of things. Anybody heard of it. 

Live heard nothing but good, so what's the catch?