Members of Team Parkinson's

Team Parkinson's - info for existing members

Membership of Parkinson's UK is now called Team Parkinson's.

It's more than just a new name – it's a new way of showing the world that we're one big community, uniting to end Parkinson's. Forever.

Our members are at the heart of everything we do – and it's thanks to your support that we're now on the verge of major breakthroughs in Parkinson's.

This page has some useful information about the new and improved membership of Parkinson's UK – now called Team Parkinson's.

What to do if you're already a member of Parkinson's UK

You don't need to do anything! If you're an existing member of Parkinson's UK, then you're automatically a member of Team Parkinson's.

You just need to renew as normal whenever your renewal is due this year.

If you pay by Direct Debit, your renewal will happen automatically as usual. If you pay by cheque, debit or credit card, we'll write to you with your renewal form 1 month before your renewal is due – and we'll send you a couple of reminders afterwards too.

One thing you can do now is help spread the word about Team Parkinson's so we can grow and become even stronger. So please tell your friends and family to join Team Parkinson's!

Useful info about Team Parkinson's

The more people who join in, the stronger we'll be

Over the last year and a half we've been working with lots of different people – including current members like you – to improve and revamp membership of Parkinson's UK.

We’re inviting even more people who care about Parkinson's – whatever their connection and wherever they live – to be part of Team Parkinson's.

We're doing this because the more people who join in, the stronger we'll be.

It's time for our community to unite and grow

We’ve always been led by our members – and for nearly 50 years, the Parkinson's community has been working hard to transform the lives of people affected by Parkinson's across the UK.

We've grown significantly over that time to more than 35,000 members but, as the amount of people diagnosed with Parkinson's increases, now is the time for our community to unite and grow. So, it's time to refresh our current membership offer.

People can chip in whatever they want to join

We've changed our membership pricing slightly. Instead of a fixed £4 payment, new and renewing members can now donate whatever they want for their membership.

We’ve made this change because many members told us £4 was too low for membership. But it also means cost won't stop anyone from being able to join – so even more people can unite to end Parkinson's.

All members will get a Team Toolkit

All new and renewing members will receive a Team Toolkit, full of tools to help you show your support, take action and make a difference.

The tools include a brand new pin badge, a new-look membership card, and a set of pledges so you can help other people understand more about Parkinson's.

You'll get your Team Toolkit whenever you next renew your membership.

The things you like are staying the same

Other parts of membership are staying the same – so you'll still get The Parkinson magazine, you can still be part of your local group, and you can still attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and vote for trustees.

Members have helped shape these changes

Members and other people affected by Parkinson's have been involved in this work since the beginning. In summer 2017 we ran 2 workshops in Birmingham and Cardiff to help shape the aims of membership – and build principles to guide our new membership model.

We launched an online platform and challenged members and potential members to share their ideas on how we can encourage more people to join us. The platform is still open, so please share your feedback.

In September 2018 we ran co-creation workshops, which included local group volunteers, in London, York and Newtown (Powys), and invited attendees to create a membership pack that inspires people to participate in our movement. We also explored new ideas for talking about membership and how this will help us to achieve our goals together.

Additionally, we ran sessions at all of the Working Together days during autumn 2018, sharing our new vision for membership.

We hope more people will join a local group too

The new membership offer aims to encourage more people to join in. We hope this will give you a wider field of members who could volunteer with or join groups. People may choose not to be a member of Parkinson’s UK but focus and contribute to their local group instead.

The difference between local and national membership

Membership of Parkinson's UK means being part of a strong, united movement and working together to find a cure and improve life for everyone affected by Parkinson's. Through national membership, members receive The Parkinson magazine and can attend the Annual General Meeting and vote for trustees.

Everyone also has the opportunity to be connected to a local group if they wish. This local membership means they can be kept directly informed of everything that the group is doing. Many people will donate money to support the group and its activities too.

Your Team Toolkit

Your Team Toolkit

When you renew, you'll get a Team Toolkit full of handy tools to help you take action as part of Team Parkinson's.

The tools include:

  • a brand new pin badge 

  • a membership card to show you belong to the team

  • a set of pledges so you can help other people understand more about Parkinson's