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Personal voice amplifier

  • Personal voice amplifier
  • Personal voice amplifier

The Unex personal voice amplifier is a brand new voice amplification system that is sensitive enough to amplify dramatically even the faintest of voices for up to 12 hours.

This amplifier is ideal to help you reduce voice strain and improve intelligibility. Designed to help with one to one conversations or in small groups, it's small and discreet, but at the same time very versatile.

With a 18 watt digital voice amplifier providing high power audio output and clear sound quality, the user can control the volume of their own voice in different environments, indoors or outdoors. Designed to help young or elderly people with voice disorders or acquired communication difficulties, that may have resulted from Parkinson’s or other conditions, or other vocal damage resulting from surgery around the vocal chords or voice box.

For people with a week or strained voice, possibly caused by vocal damage, or for people who rely on projecting their voices for a long period of time and therefore using their voice intensively, this voice amplifier will maintain volume and clarity over that period of time without straining or causing further damage to the voice.

Can be used with our throat microphone accessory and replacement microphone covers.

Features include:

  • Includes headset microphone, clip on uni-directional lapel microphone and mobile phone or PC connector
  • Mains charger
  • Can be worn with a belt clip or adjustable strap
  • Inbuilt noise filtering
  • Excellent clarity
  • Powerful 18W Output
  • Low acoustic feedback
  • Small, discreet and lightweight


Product information:

  • 8.5 x 10 x 4cm
  • Not suitable as a PA system replacement
  • Clip-on lapel microphone
  • Adjustable strap
  • Belt clip
  • Over 12 hours battery life
  • Headset microphone
  • Mobile phone/PC connector
  • Mains & USB charger
Additional Information

Customer review

"As a Speech and Language Therapist, I commonly support people whose voices have lost considerable volume. This has a significant impact on their communication and interaction with those around them.

The Unex personal voice amplifier is a small, lightweight and cost effective solution, with the added benefit of being compatible with mobile phone technology to amplify the outgoing voice".

Rachel Nashed Msc RCSLT
Joint Clinical Lead for Voice Speech and Language Therapy Service