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A selection of clocks, watches, security items and other technology based products that can help people living with Parkinson's.

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Flashing doorbell and vibrating pager

Doorbell and pager


Lightweight compact doorbell with flashing light and vibrating pager from Lifemax.

SOS button

Mobile SOS button

£125.00 - £150.00

Family and friends mobile SOS button that allows the user to dial for help from 3 programmed numbers.

Personal voice amplifier

Personal voice amplifier


The Unex personal voice amplifier is a brand new system sensitive enough to amplify even the faintest of voices for up to 12 hours.

Talking alarm clock

Talking alarm clock

£15.00 - £18.00

Lifemax talking alarm clock with analogue and digital display.

Auto dial panic alarm plus

Auto dial panic alarm plus

£129.17 - £155.00

A panic alarm to provide peace of mind for anyone living alone. No monthly subscription required.

Big digit talking watch

Digital talking watch


Digital watch with an LCD display and alarm function, making it ideal to use as a medication reminder.