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Products for the home

Browse Parkinson's UK's range of products designed for use throughout the home. All are designed for convenience, ease of use and to help those living with Parkinson's in their day to day living.

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Flashing doorbell and vibrating pager

Doorbell and pager


Lightweight compact doorbell with flashing light and vibrating pager from Lifemax.

SOS button

Mobile SOS button

£125.00 - £150.00

Family and friends mobile SOS button that allows the user to dial for help from 3 programmed numbers.

Ring pull can opener

Ring pull can opener


Specially designed to make opening ring pull cans easier for those with limited dexterity.

Roll up ramp

£145.83 - £175.00

Ridged, anti slip surface with high edges enables safe access to buildings with steps.

Straw clip

Straw clip


Pack of 5 clips to hold straws securely on the edge of your glass and allow hands free drinking.

Talking alarm clock

Talking alarm clock

£15.00 - £18.00

Lifemax talking alarm clock with analogue and digital display.

Adjustable back rest

Adjustable backrest

£30.00 - £36.00

This sturdy metal frame will make you more comfortable by eliminating back curvature and giving good posture in bed.

Assistive mobility double sheet

Assistive mobility double sheet

£77.50 - £93.00

High quality bed sheet with specially designed, low friction, Parafricta® middle section for easy turning, surrounded by polycotton for secure sitting.