The USP Project - Exploring and understanding the scope and value of the Parkinson’s nurse in the UK.

Annette Hand and Sarah Brown from Northumbria University are looking to demonstrate the scope, value and efficiency of specialist nurses working in the field of Parkinson’s.


400 people affected by Parkinson’s.  This can be anyone diagnosed with Parkinson’s or family and friends who are interested in sharing their thoughts.


Completing a one off online survey which should take no more than 45 minutes.  You may be approached at a later date about a face to face interview if you express an interest when asked during the research.

For more about the research and how to take part:

Please read the Participant Information Sheet or go to the trial website.

If you are person with Parkinson's you can take part in the research here:

For partners, friends and relatives, go to this questionnaire:

If you have any trouble accessing either of the questionnaires please email or phone Sarah ([email protected] or 0191 215 6123).

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Parkinson's UK

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