Understanding depression in Parkinson's

The research team is interested in identifying the role of the brain chemical dopamine in depression in Parkinson’s and understanding how depression in Parkinson’s differs from that of the general population.

This research could help pave the way for new approaches to treating depression in Parkinson’s. 


60-120 people with Parkinson’s aged 50 or over, with or without a diagnosis of depression but without a diagnosis of dementia or mental illness (other than anxiety or depression). 

All participants must be living in London and be happy to travel to the study site at Queen Square. You will be paid £7.50 per hour for your time participating in the study and will also be able to win a maximum amount of £20 for completing the behavioural task during each session. Participants will have their travel expenses reimbursed (up to £40 per trip).


An initial telephone conversation with the lead researcher will be arranged to chat about the research to see what the next steps are.

You will then be asked to attend 2 sessions in London, each taking around 2 hours. These will involve a chat with a clinician, a questionnaire about mood and a brain scan. During one of the sessions you will be asked to take your usual medication and during the other session you will be asked to delay your morning medication. 

For full information about the research:

Please read the Participant Information Sheet.

Please contact Harry via email [email protected] or phone 0203 108 2269.

Funded by

The Selfridges Group Foundation, UK

  • Brain scans
  • Studying symptoms

UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience
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Dr Harry Costello

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