Trial for a wrist worn device assisting daily life of people with Parkinson's - Drooling study

Professor Richard Walker and his research team, have designed a wrist worn device that can send vibration prompts for swallowing as well as being able to help monitor symptoms for people with Parkinson’s. 


300 people with Parkinson’s who have a drooling problem. Participants must have access to a smartphone and be willing to wear a wrist-worn device. 

**There is 1 other component in the same study that people with Parkinson’s who don’t experience drooling can take part in. Find out how to take part here: Free-living Study**


Week 1-2
All participants will be asked to complete a daily diary on their drooling experience, taking around 10-15 minutes each day

Week 3-8
- Participants will be divided into 2 groups to test 2 different intervention methods: (i) the wrist worn device or (ii) smartphone app, and will swap the intervention after 3 weeks. Both the wrist worn device and smartphone app can send prompts for swallowing in the form of vibration to participants
- Participants will keep a daily diary on their symptoms and experiences using the tools provided through our mobile app
- Before and after each intervention method, participants will have to complete formal assessments of their symptoms

At the end of the study 
Participants will be asked to complete a questionnaire about their experience and preferences regarding both the wrist worn device and smartphone app.

For more information please read the Participant Information Sheet.  

Interested in taking part?

Sign up to take part by visiting the study website before 31 January 2023.

For other general questions, please email [email protected]

Funded by

Parkinson's UK

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