Small grants College of Experts

This virtual panel makes funding recommendations for the charity's small grant scheme.

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The Small Grants College of Experts is formed of approximately 60 scientific members from around the world with expertise in Parkinson's.

This virtual panel has responsibility for making funding recommendations for the small grant scheme.

The College of Experts have to follow a strict Code of Conduct (PDF, 173 KB).

For more information about the role of our College of Experts members, read our College of Experts terms of reference. 

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Dr Lydia Alvarez-Erviti
Principal Investigator, Molecular Neurobiology, Center for Biomedical Research of La Rioja

Dr Oleg Anichtchik
Lecturer in Clinical Neurobiology, Plymouth University

Dr Jose Bras
Research Fellow, UCL Institute of Neurology
Profile of Dr Jose Bras

Dr Rina Bandopadhyay
Senior Fellow and Honorary Lecturer, UCL Institute of Neurology
Profile of Dr Rina Bandopadhyay

Dr Trevor J Crawford
Reader in Neuropsychology, Lancaster University

Professor Rodrigo A Cunha
Professor of Neuroscience, University of Coimbra
Profile of Professor Rodrigo A Cunha

Dr Katherine H Deane
Senior Lecturer in Research, University of East Anglia
Profile of Dr Katherine H Deane

Dr Epaminondas Doxakis
Researcher C level, Biomedical Research Foundation, Academy of Athens
Profile of Dr Epaminondas Doxakis

Dr Chris Elliott
Lecturer in Biology, University of York
Profile of Dr Chris Elliott

Professor David Finkelstein
Research Fellow, University of Melbourne
Profile of Professor David Finkelstein

Dr Sonia Gandhi
Wellcome Trust Intermediate Clinical Fellow, Honorary Consultant Neurologist, UCL Institute of Neurology
Profile of Dr Sonia Gandhi

Dr Monte A. Gates
Senior Lecturer in Medicine & Neuroscience, Keele University
Profile of Dr Monte A. Gates

Dr William K Gray
Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation

Dr Michael Hammer
Director, Airway Sensory Physiology Laboratory, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr Annette Hand
Nurse consultant / Senior Lecturer
Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust / Northumbria University

Professor Kirsten Harvey
Professor of Molecular Neuroscience & Cell Biology, University College London
Profile of Professor Kirsten Harvey

Professor Emdadul Haque
Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, United Arab Emirates University

Dr Peter Hobson
Principal Healthcare Scientist, Cardiff University

Professor Merrill Landers 
Department Chair & Professor of Physical Therapy, University of Nevada
Profile of Professor Merrill Landers

Dr Jon Lane
Reader in Cell Biology, University of Bristol
Profile of Dr Jon Lane

Dr Luisa Lopes
Group Leader, Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Lisboa
Profile of Dr Luisa Lopes

Dr Alisdair McNeill
Senior Clinical Research Fellow, University of Sheffield
Profile of Alisdair McNeill

Dr George Mellick
Deputy Director, Eskitis Institute for Drug Discovery, Griffith University
Profile of Dr George Mellick

Professor David Melton
Chair in Somatic Cell Genetics, University of Edinburgh
Profile of Professor David Melton

Dr Heather J Mortiboys
Senior Research Fellow, University of Sheffield
Profile of Dr Heather J Mortiboys

Dr Ben Newland
Wellcome Trust Postdoctoral Fellow, Cardiff University
Profile of Dr Ben Newland

Dr Ilse Pienaar
Division of Brain Sciences, University of Sussex
Profile of Dr Ilse Pienaar

Dr Christos Proukakis
Senior Lecturer & Honorary Consultant Neurologist, UCL Institute of Neurology
Profile of Dr Christos Proukakis

Professor Kath Ryan 
Professor of Social Pharmacy, University of Reading

Dr Brij Singh
Professor of Biomedical Sciences, University of North Dakota

Dr Robert Skelly
Consultant Physician, Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Vasanta Subramanian
Associate Professor in Biology & Biochemistry, University of Bath
Profile of Dr Vasanta Subramanian

Dr Jerome D Swinny
Reader in Neuropharmacology, University of Portsmouth
Profile of Dr Jerome D Swinny

Dr Adriana Tavares
Research Fellow in PET imaging & Head of Preclinical PET/CT Laboratory, University of Edinburgh
Profile of Dr Adriana Tavares

Dr Erwin van Wegen
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, VU University Medical Centre, Amsterdam
Profile of Dr Erwin van Wegen 

Dr Katerina Venderova
Associate Professor in Biopharmaceutical Sciences, Keck Graduate Institute
Profile of Dr Katerina Venderova

Dr Nada Yousif 
Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering, University of Hertfordshire
Profile of Dr Nada Yousif

Dr Naomi Visanji
Scientific Associate, Toronto Western Hospital
Profile of Dr Naomi Visanji