Parkinson’s UK and Rosetrees Trust Joint Senior Research Fellowship

This jointly funded fellowship programme, supported by Parkinson’s UK and The Rosetrees Trust, aims to attract early career researchers with an excellent track record in novel cell culture techniques, looking to establish a highly innovative independent drug discovery programme and become research leaders of the future.

Novel cell culture platforms driving drug discovery 

Since their development, cell culture techniques have contributed to our understanding of disease processes and have played a vital role in drug discovery. However, in the past, traditional cell culture techniques have had some limitations, since they used cell types which didn’t fully replicate the pathological processes of Parkinson’s and 2 dimensional (2D) culture systems do not replicate the brain's cellular architecture.

Recently, there have been a number of technological advances which have revolutionised cell culture systems. These include the development of patient derived cells, such as iPSC’s, which more closely mimic  the underlying pathological process of Parkinson’s and the development of 3D culture systems. Such platforms have the potential to accelerate drug discovery in Parkinson’s.

With this fellowship scheme, we are keen to support the development of neuroprotective treatments for Parkinson’s through the development and use of novel cell culture platforms.

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The deadline for applications is Wednesday 19 January 2022, by 4 pm.
Applications should be submitted via our online application system.

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The duration of a grant is up to a maximum of 3 years. Extensions of up to two years to an awarded fellowship will be considered by the charities but may be dependent upon the host institution committing funds towards the fellow’s salary.

There is a maximum of up to £300,000 available for this award, which will be funded equally by Parkinson’s UK and The Rosetrees Trust.

Funding is available to cover the cost of the applicant's salary and appropriate start-up and running costs. It may also provide support for additional research assistance, for example, a technician or research assistant.

There is no lower limit on the award value.

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Applicants should have a MD or PhD and will usually be expected to have up to 5 years postdoctoral experience at the time of the application, excluding career breaks.

Sponsors (supervisors) supporting the fellowship application should hold employment or honorary (if a clinical academic) contracts with the host institution that extend beyond the period of the grant.

Co-supervisors and collaborators may be based at institutions outside the UK and / or at pharmaceutical or biotech companies.

Applicants should read Research grant terms and conditions before completing the application.

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We welcome applications from all sections of the community, irrespective of race, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief.

We understand that different people choose different career paths, so we want to provide flexible research career opportunities.

If you’re funded by us, you can request flexible and part-time working. We always try to accommodate requests, as long as they fit in with the needs of employing organisations.