Investigating the use of heard and imagined music for mood and movement management among people with Parkinson's.

The aim of the research is firstly to explore the findings from the previous research with a larger group of people.  They would also like to understand potential barriers to the use of music so strategies can be developed with people with Parkinson's and Practitioners to improve mood and movement.


300 people diagnosed with Parkinson's.


You'll be asked to complete a one off questionnaire either online or in paper form if requested, that should take a maximum of 45 minutes to complete.

For more about the research and how to take part:

Firstly, please read the participant information sheet.

If you would like to take part in the research go to the online questionnaire or email Dawn ([email protected]) to arrange to take part either by phone, video call or to be sent a questionnaire pack.

For any further questions about the research or issues accessing the website, email Dawn or phone Ellen on 0161 275 7333

Funded by

Lucerne University

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