Exploring how gene mutations affect serotonin, inflammation and the brain

Dr Edoardo De Natale and the Neurodegeneration Imaging Group at the University of Exeter are investigating how chemical levels in people with the SNCA, Parkin, DJ-1 and PINK1 gene mutations who may and may not be diagnosed with Parkinson's are affected.

They have designed 3 research trials to explore these changes using imaging techniques to understand the underlying mechanisms behind them.


As many people as possible who have been told they have an SNCA, Parkin, DJ-1 and PINK1 gene mutation and may or may not be not diagnosed with Parkinson's. If you know of someone who may have had their genes profiled, please do share this information with them.


This research involves three studies at Imperial College in West London. Each study requires slightly different activities and time commitments. If you're interested in taking part please read further and contact the research team for more information. 

All travel expenses will be covered.

For full information about the research:

Please contact the research team directly so they can provide you with all the relevant information and answer your questions.

You can contact Edoardo and the research team via email ([email protected]) or phone (07503 741242).

Funded by

Michael J Fox Foundation

  • Brain scans
  • Studying symptoms

Imperial College White City Campus, Translation & Innovation Hub, 84 Wood Ln
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United Kingdom


Edoardo de Natale

Phone: 07503741242

Email: [email protected]