Cohort Studies Council

Our Cohort Studies Council provides guidance and recommendations for long-term Parkinson's studies.

The council brings together expertise from people affected by Parkinson's, researchers working on Parkinson’s cohort studies and academics from related fields.

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The purpose of the Cohort Studies Council is to:

  • Formulate strategic questions for future cohort studies to address
  • Review applications for cohort research studies
  • Evaluate the progress of projects through annual and final reports provided by grant holders
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Researchers who are developing a cohort study are advised to contact the Research team at [email protected] 

You should also download the information for applicants (PDF, 478KB) document.

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Advisory Members have primary expertise in neurological disorders other than Parkinson's.

Professor Martin Rossor - Chair
Consultant Neurologist, NIHR National Director for Dementia Research, Director of the NIHR Queen Square Dementia Biomedical Research Unit and NIHR Senior Investigator, University College London
Profile of Professor Martin Rossor

Professor Rustam Al-Shahi Salman
Professor of Clinical Neurology, University of Edinburgh
Profile of Professor Rustam Al-Shahi Salman

Professor Craig Ritchie
Professor of the Psychiatry of Ageing, University of Edinburgh
Profile of Professor Craig Ritchie

Professor Neil Robertson
Professor of Neurology, Cardiff University
Profile of Professor Neil Robertson

Professor Martin Turner
Professor of Clinical Neurology and Neuroscience, University of Oxford
Profile of Professor Martin Turner

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Regular Members are involved in major cohort studies in Parkinson’s.

Professor Roger Barker
University Reader and Consultant Neurologist, University of Cambridge
Profile of Professor Roger Barker

Professor Yoav Ben-Shlomo
Professor of Clinical Epidemiology, University of Bristol
Profile of Professor Yoav-Ben Shlomo

Professor David Burn
Professor of Movement Disorder Neurology, Newcastle University
Profile of Professor David Burn

Professor Ray Chaudhuri
Professor of Movement Disorders, King's College London
Profile of Professor Ray Chaudhuri

Dr Carl Counsell
Clinical Reader & Honorary Consultant in Neurology, University of Aberdeen
Profile of Dr Carl Counsell

Professor Donald Grosset
Consultant Neurologist and Honorary Professor, University of Glasgow
Profile of Professor Donald Grosset

Dr Michele Hu
Associate Professor and Consultant Neurologist, University of Oxford
Profile of Dr Michele Hu 

Dr Angus Macleod
Clinical Lecturer in Neurology, University of Aberdeen
Profile of Dr Angus Macleod

Professor Huw Morris
Professor of Clinical Neuroscience and Honorary Consultant Neurologist, University College London
Profile of Professor Huw Morris

Dr Alastair Noyce
Doctoral Research Fellow, University College London
Profile of Dr Alastair Noyce

Professor Tony Schapira
Professor of Neurology, Vice Dean of the University College London and Director of the Royal Free Campus, University College London
Profile of Professor Tony Schapira

Professor Anette Schrag
Consultant Neurologist, University College London
Profile of Professor Anette Schrag

Dr Monty Silverdale
Consultant Neurologist  and Senior Lecturer in Neuroscience, Manchester University
Profile of Dr Monty Silverdale

Dr Caroline Williams-Gray
Clinical Lecturer, University of Cambridge
Profile of Dr Caroline Williams-Gray

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Members of the Cohort Studies Council adhere to defined terms of reference (PDF, 194 KB).