Clinical trial of a vaccine to slow the progression of early stage Parkinson’s

Researchers from pharmaceutical company AC Immune SA are investigating whether a new vaccine can slow the progression of early stage Parkinson’s. 


18 people with Parkinson’s:

•  who are aged between 40 and 75
•  currently taking either no medication for Parkinson’s OR taking Levodopa at 300 mg per day
•  haven't had motor symptoms, such as tremor, falls or stiffness, for longer than 2 years 
•  aren’t known carriers of Parkinson’s gene mutations including PRKN, PINK1, DJ1 or LRRK2
•  don’t experience temporary, involuntary inability to move
•  whose symptoms affect either one side of the body, or if symptoms affect both sides of the body, do not experience any balance problems 
•  have no history of cancer, brain surgery, hallucinations, or delusions


•  You will be asked to attend 1 screening visit at the research site. This visit will involve giving blood samples, an MRI scan, a Lumbar Puncture and a DAT Scan. This will determine whether you are eligible for the study.

•  If you are eligible to take part in the trial you will begin the treatment period. This involves 11 visits to the research site over 74 weeks (roughly 1.5 years)
•  The length of each visit will vary between 1 and 10 hours. You’ll be able to split the longer visits over multiple days if you wish
•  During the treatment period you will be randomly assigned to receive either the active vaccine or a placebo (a dummy treatment)

•  After the treatment period you will be asked to attend 3 follow-up research site visits
•  You will be reimbursed for travel up to £75 per visit. It may also be possible to reimburse travel for a higher amount, please contact the research team to discuss this

You can find more information in the participant information sheet.

Interested in taking part?

Please contact the research team by email at [email protected] or phone 08008 021 030.

The deadline for taking part is 18 September 2024. 

Please note, participation is ongoing globally meaning the required number of participants may be met sooner. 

Funded by

AC Immune SA

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45 Queen Anne St
United Kingdom


Contact the research team

Tel: 08008 021 030

Email: [email protected]