Underserved Groups working group

Richard Walker, Geriatrician with Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and Excellence Network Clinical Lead: Medicine, leads the Underserved Groups working group.

Our aims

To promote high quality, equitable care for underserved groups of people affected by Parkinson's, primarily:

  • people from underrepresented groups
  • people living in care homes


Research study, led by Annette Hand, PDNS and Excellence Network Clinical Lead: Nursing, asking 'What are the main precipitants of care home placement for people with Parkinson's and can we do anything to delay/avoid care home admission?'

Overarching findings from the study show:

  • carer strain is one of the main predictors of care home placement, often following multiple, prolonged hospital stays and often occurs in response to a crisis period
  • carers are often struggling to cope until this crisis point is reached

Plans are in place to disseminate the findings and promote carer issues. Research funding will be applied for to develop a clinical practice tool to identify and provide support for struggling carers within resource limited services.

Find out more

To find out more about the work of this working group, email [email protected].