OPTIMAL Parkinson's medication guideline and conversion calculator

This guideline and calculator has been created to help non-specialist clinicians maintain control of Parkinson's symptoms when patients cannot take oral medications until support is available from local specialists.

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The guideline and calculator been developed by a team of Parkinson's specialists and pharmacists with the support of the Southampton/Isle of Wight Excellence Network regional working group and the British Geriatrics Society Movement Disorders Section.

It was part of an intermodule project, which is a required piece of work on the Parkinson's Academy's Advanced MasterClass and completes the CPD sign-off for the course. 

You can access the OPTIMAL medication guideline and calculator via the button below.

Note for people affected by Parkinson's

This resource is intended for use by professionals only. People affected by Parkinson's are advised to consult with their specialists before making any changes to their medication.

This guideline and calculator was developed as part of the Parkinson's Academy's Advanced MasterClass.