Medicine optimisation for residents with Parkinson's film

This film for care home staff explains the importance of medicine optimisation, and within that medicine management, for residents with Parkinson's.

People with Parkinson's need their medication on time, and the film shows what steps you can take to make sure this happens.

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Managing the drugs of someone with Parkinson's can be challenging. People with the condition need their medicine at exactly the time prescribed, and this may not fit into your set drug rounds.

This film will give you some practical and manageable solutions to ensure your residents get their medicine on time.

Find out more about our Get It On Time campaign, including resources for patients.

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Duration: 12 minutes 25 seconds


Thanks toAvante Care & Support; Royal Derby Hospital; Peterborough City Hospital; Medipharmacy Group; Judy and Stuart Bancroft; Rosemary and Owen Jones; and Karen Missenden.

Ethypharm UK Ltd funded the update to this resource to improve standards of care for people with Parkinson's. However they have no editorial control over the content of the material produced.

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