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A film for your patients newly diagnosed with Parkinson's

Help your recently diagnosed patients and service users come to terms with the condition with the New to Parkinson's film.

Featuring people with Parkinson's and their families, the New to Parkinson's film explores how different people came to terms with their diagnosis, and how they manage life with the condition.

Being diagnosed with Parkinson's can be an emotional experience, leaving people wondering how it will affect their everyday life. With this film, you can show them there is life after diagnosis.

Signpost your patients and service users to the film – you can also order free DVD copies using the details below.

Dr Lucy Strens, Consultant Neurologist at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust comments:

"I've seen first-hand what a life-changing experience being given a Parkinson's diagnosis is. It is our job as professionals to ensure that we provide - and signpost to - support and information at all steps along the journey.

"We do not have a cure for Parkinson's but there are many ways to manage the different symptoms (and not just with tablets). Parkinson's UK's film is a great resource for people recently diagnosed to show them how other people have come to terms with the condition and are managing life with Parkinson's."

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Duration: 21 minutes 18 seconds


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New to Parkinson's? A film for people who are newly diagnosed


New to Parkinson's? A film for people who are newly diagnosed (version with subtitles)