Delivering a diagnosis of Parkinson's

This short video is aimed at diagnosing clinicians. It explains how to provide a better experience for your patients when delivering a diagnosis of Parkinson's.

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The video features people with Parkinson's talking about what they found helpful, and what would have made their diagnosis a less difficult experience.

It includes tips on how to deliver a diagnosis in a supportive and informative way based on the needs of the patient at that time.

The film has been created through a partnership between the European Parkinson's Disease Association and the Excellence Network.

Tips for delivering a diagnosis

  • Ask the person what they suspect their symptoms are due to - this helps you form a suitable response.
  • Explain how you reached the diagnosis.
  • Show empathy: this is a life changing diagnosis.
  • Positive actions can be taken, such as effective medications and lifestyle changes.
  • Signpost people to Parkinson's UK newly diagnosed information.
  • Provide a follow-up plan and a point of contact such as a Parkinson's nurse or other healthcare professional.

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Duration: 6 minutes