Falls and Parkinson's: clinical summary and evidence-based resources now available


A new clinical summary on falls in Parkinson's has been designed for clinicians. It outlines Parkinson's specific modifiable factors and evidence-based interventions. It is accompanied by a set of Critically Appraised Topics (CATs) that explore the underpinning research evidence.

A new single page summary on the assessment and management of falls in Parkinson's has been produced by the Evidence-Based Practice Theme Working Group.

It is designed to be downloaded for quick reference in the clinical workplace, giving you clear, concise and relevant information that isn't all covered in the national guidelines.

For those who would like to check back to the evidence underpinning the document, a series of Critically Appraised Topics (CATs) can also be accessed and downloaded.

Dr Alison Yarnall, Intermediate Clinical Fellow and Honorary Consultant Geriatrician at the Institute of Neuroscience, Newcastle University, led on the development of the resources. She explains:

"Falls in Parkinson's are common and often multi-factorial. They are associated with significant morbidity and mortality, yet are often neglected within the clinical consultations. 

"Our group aimed to summarise the evidence available for assessment and management of falls. Falls should be treated amongst a multidisciplinary team, and personalised for each patient. Care should be taken to assess cognition and bone health as part of the assessment."

Fall and Parkinson's: Clinical Summary